Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer is here

Only two weeks left of this semester and I am praying I do well on my finals!
Unfortunately, I'll be taking summer classes. I'm getting a lot of my labs out of the way. I get a week off before so I'm really looking forward to just being at home and not stressing out about anything being due. Starting next month, I will be studying hard core for the MCAT because I take it in August.

Everything is happening so quickly, it's a little scary.

Summer term ends August 5 and on August 6th I'll be going to St.Kitts with my brother to visit my sister and I am SO EXCITED! I haven't been back home since 2007 and David, my brother, hasn't been back since we left (2001). He doesn't remember much so he is excited as well.

I'm so frustrated with my hair right now, I'm going to by a flat iron soon, I'm not sure which to get though. Any recommendations?


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